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The St Helena Independant

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“Air Tickets to St Helena Now on Sale – Tickets and Fares for Ascension – £845 Return – Having a Swim For Christmas? – Full Speed Ahead – and more.”


“Finally – Back Again; LEGCO Again; Planning and our future!?; Crazy paving: 18th century slabs cause a ripple in Jamestown; Donald Harris on Portrait and a lot of other reading”


“Air Fares with SA Airlink Reservations due to start early next week – House of Lords Debate on Transport and Infrastructure in the South Atlantic Islands – Our Friends in the Caribbean Suffering After Hurricane Irma – and more”


“Don’t miss out on this issue of your St Helena Independent”


“Touchdown!- Mantis Flying Their Colours – Public Health Held to Task, Overseas Referrals in Focus – More Water!”


“A Tragedy on St Helena – How can our lives be improved? – Volcano man reflects on shark attack in Atlantic – Cuba Flight Still in Mystery”


“Test Flight Confirmed – Rosie’s – ‘A taste 4 life’ – Reading the Fine Print: What Happens if Your Flight is Cancelled? – ‘Takin’ the Long Way Around'”


"Councillors Shout “Colonialism!” – Council Elections for ExCo – and much more”


“Elections 2017 “Oh What a Night” – Scheduled Air Service to Start in October? – Record Sweet Potato?”


Elections This Week


” Seventeen contest twelve seats in General Election – The Last Farewell: Tony’s tribute to the RMS St Helena – Surrounded by Chutes – Bird-Flu Scare Again”


“From the High and Mighty in London – Thinking out loud- From the Youth Commonwealth Games Team – ” D. Trump Makes a Flash Visit””


Great Interest in Slave History – Flash-Floods On the Island – Planning Board Acting Illegally – St Helena in a Nutshell and more…..


” Getting to the Bones of the Matter – Lord Shutt About the South Atlantic – Team St Helena Safely on Gotland – Queen’s Birthday Party and much more”


“- Sheep Story:”People Want Heads to Roll” – Worrying Times for Ascension Island – Update From Team St Helena – Charles Frater Passes Away – letters and news”


“Disastrous Election for the Tories in UK – The Shape of Things to Come – Restorative Justice? – Storms in Cape Town Kill At Least Eight People”


” Woman of Substance – Basil Read in Free-Fall on the Stock Market – World Ocean Day – letters, views and more”


“St Helena Day Celebrations 2017 – For Sale: £980,000 – Meet Team St Helena! – This is Interesting – Poor Fredrica!!! – and more”


“A Prime Tourist Development Site – An Important Part of Our Heritage and It’s Government Landlord Housing” – “Budget 2017 – 2018 – Good News and Not So Good News” – and more”


“The World’s Most Spectacular Sewage Shute; Another Great Story About an Outstanding Saint; Sir Waste-A-Lot Resigns; and more”



“Shark Attack!!- The True Story; Increased Isolation for British Territory; Access Phone-In on Saint FM; St Matthew’s Lions T20 Champions; Tracey and Serena Found a Plane to Come Home; Letters, and much more in this week’s St Helena Independent"


“The Future for Fishing”; “Dire Straits For St Helena Access”; “Severe Flooding on Tristan”, letter and view in this edition of the St Helena Independent.


“All the latest – Different Views on Tourism – St Helena Budget in the House of Parliament – Disaster Exercise – Emergency Call and much, much, more – HAPPY EASTER”


“Will it be a Doctor’s or a Dog’s Diagnosis – The Army Worm is a Moth – RMS in Dry Dock – and more”


“One Fly – No Fish; Canada Discovers St Helena; RMS in Dry-Dock; MV Helena On Her Way; Tribute to Keith Ellick and much more”


“Senior Medical Officer Heavily Criticised – Doctor Death or Angel of Life – Fuel Short, Ship Chartered – Minimum Wage and much more in this week’s St Helena Independent”


Your weekly dosage of news from St Helena – “John Styles – “very unhappy” about lack of information from the Castle – The Run Dangerous? – MV Helena Takes to the Seas – HORSE RACING ON DEADWOOD PLAIN and much “more


“RMS St Helena on One Engine Read Revised Schedules and Latest News – Dry-Docking in Simonstown and much more from St Helena”


“Lord Ashcroft Provides Funding for Independent Media in St Helena – TAG Aviation’s Boeing 757 200 – Scheduled to Arrive here on Monday – Not So Strictly at Plantation and much more”


“The Council Doesn’t Work – “Same-Sex Marriage – Not Quite Yet” – ” Lord Ashcroft: Why were these wise warnings on St Helena’s airport ignored? – and more”


This week: “Go-Ahead For SHELCO?” – “Tribute to Bishop Salt” and much more.


This week’s focus on “Great Support for St Helena in UK – Much About Fish and Fish Tales and – Home Slaughtering – How Do We Get Rid of the Leftovers?”


“The posting is late today but it is a brilliant paper with all the latest from St Helena”


“No Go for Connect’s Sewage Plans – Something Occurring in Fisher’s Valley – Sørlandet Arrived Yesterday for Short Visit – St Helena and Brexit- and much more”


‘There is Hope for St Helena’-Lord Ashcroft; Vince Thompson Among MPs And Lords; World ARC Yacht Rally is Here; and much more


“Exclusive Interview with Lord Michael Ashcroft and much more”


“Flags Lowered for Rodney Young, the first Saint RMS Captain – Mrs Ivy Yon Receives MBE – Unveiled: The Cultural Centre”


“Christmas Edition”


“Airport ‘Fiasco’ says UK Public Accounts Committee Report – and more”


“RMS Schedule Extended to 2018 and Interim Air Service Tender Started – Christmas has Started – DfID Waste In Focus – and More Marriage Letters”


“St Helena Airport Tested by Embraer and SA Airlink; Terrible Incident at the Consulate; Plenty of Letters – and much more”


” Atlantic Star Airlines say: “We are making good progress on all fronts” – Running and Cleaning Up at Francis Plain – Water Still Short – Angry Letters’ Pages”


“Opening of St Helena Supreme Court – All the Speeches – Interesting Letters’ Pages! – Water – Give Us Water!”


“We Will Remember – Unusual Visitor in James’ Bay – Drought Getting Worse, More Restrictions in Place – The Unthinkable Did Happen – and much more”


“Water shortage; St Helena Airport Discussed in London, and much more”


“Tronos and Atlantic Star Give St Helena a Glimmer of Hope But the Water Situation is Critical – No Water or Oily Water; Rockfall in Jamestown and much more”


“Carnival in Town – Words from the Organisers – Sewage – Not Without a Stink – Governor Lisa Presented With Art and much more”


“Hopefully – Large Passenger Aircraft To Arrive Next Friday – No Investigation Panel for St Helena Airport Appointed – Is this the end of the Saint experience on board the RMS? – Carnival -All You Need to Know, Events, and Bus Times – in all, an interesting read”


“SHG Accuse The Times Newspaper for Inaccurate Reporting – “Shear madness: how £285m was blown on useless airport” – and much more from St Helena”


Today: “Drought -Time for Change?; Consulate Hotel Not Completely Closed ; Hotel Update, and more”


“Talk of the Week – International Press; The Infamous St Helena Mole Spider; John Cranfield – New Speaker of the House; “Economic development means people, especially young people” – Says Governor Phillips”


A Great newspaper with all the news from St Helena


“Consulate Hotel Closing Down; New Councillor Sworn In and much more happening in St Helena”


Headlines today: “Are Medevac Patients and Carers Getting a Raw Deal in South Africa?” “The Wall of Silence – All About the Airport – on the Island and Overseas”, “Pick Your Choice – Bye-Election on Wednesday” “Reading Sports 2016 – Special Report and Pictures”


This week:”Letters: Bakery Battle Continues.Legislative Council and Mr Russel Yon. Jamestown Market – Not for Disabled? – Blogs and Comments. All Renewables for St Helena by 2022″ and much more


‘Much sweat and much toil but here is another splendid issue of the St Helena Independent’


“The Development Plan for Rupert’s Valley – Community Clean-Up Continues – The fish have drunk all the water, what happened to the fish? – Are We Getting Richer or Poorer” All in today’s St Helena Independent


“Head of Planning Goes Overseas Leaving His Office in a Mess – ExecuJet Takes Advantage of Private Jet Charter Demand – Letter to the Electorate ‘Future of Ascension’ and much more in today’s St Helena Independent”


“Jamestown Hotel Development-More Contractors and Builders Needed – Clean-Up Judgement Day Tomorrow – LIDAR To Be Used To Measure Wind At The Airport, and more


“Ascension Politics-The Latest Update; Turbulence at the North and South ends of the Runway was Acceptable?; Remembering the Forgotten Souls for Future Generations…. and more in today’s St Helena Independent”


In this week’s Issue – “St Helena’s First Airborne Tourists” – “Our New DfID Boss” – “Wass Report Update from Ginny Ferson” and much more.


“Turbulent Return for RMS Passengers – Myrtle Has Passed Away – The Forgotten Souls – Cleaning Up St Paul’s – Undaunted: Against the odds”


“Huge Issue this week – plenty of reading, More about Rocks in the Way, Social Events and also interesting letters”


“Britain Leaving EU and a Lot of information About Air Access


“RMS in London -Special Coverage; Wirebird Census; Unusual Visitor; Party for the Queen, and much more”


All the latest on the airport, RMS in London and everything else about St Helena


‘Lord Ashcroft – “A Dangerous Problem with St Helena’s New Airport Leaves the Islanders in Despair”; Daily Mail – “The £250m island airport where jets can’t land because it is too windy (and guess what, your aid money is paying for it)” The St Helena Independent is lively today’


All the latest news from St Helena


“Here is your weekly dosage of the St Helena Independent”


“All the news you need in this week’s St Helena Independent”


“A newspaper you can’t miss”


‘It Is All Up In The Air’-Airport Postponed – Again; People’s View – ‘Please Don’t Go’; New Law Stops South African Meat Imports?; Governor Lisa – ‘Down to Earth’ and much more…..


“Mission Completed – First Full-Size Landing Successful – Stormy Weather for RMS’ Last Visit to Tristan – Birthday Party in Pictures – This Bird Might Not be as Innocent as it Looks” All in today’s St Helena Independent


Another issue full of the latest news – “First Jet Touch-Down”-“Part of St Helena’s Soul Up For Sale” and much more


“Farewell to Joe the Vet; First Jet-Plane To Arrive; What’s the Value?; MV Astor At Our Shores: and much more in this week’s issue of the St Helena Independent.


“Saints to Be Micro Chipped – Jonathan World Famous – Not Without Controversy- Brazilian Navy Visit” and much more…..


“Mike Olsson Claims Success in Bye-Election but ‘Appalling’ Turnout; Jonathan is Getting a Scrub Ahead of Royal Visit and all other news and views of the week”


“Massive issue with all the latest news and views from St Helena.”


In this week’s St Helena Independent: ” Bye- Election 2016 – Only Two Candidates; “Seafast to Bow Out of the Ocean Freight Debacle” But Not Without a Bang; Media silenced over Extractor mission: but did the courts have power for gagging order?; Satisfied Residents at the Community Care Complex. Another Amazing issue of the St Helena Independent.


“Community Care Complex Criticised -Lyn Thomas Resigns from Bank of St Helena – Airport Update and much more”


“The Battle Over Shipping – Large Space Rock Burns Up Over Atlantic – Run For Fun – The Social Club…. Hits the White Horse”


“Connect fined £10,500 for threat to wirebirds – Airport ‘non-story’ is worth many thousands, says tourism chief – Serious Incident at Rupert’s Wharf”


“How to Squander Money – Jonathan Age Quiz – Ascension Fishing and much more in this week’s St Helena Independent”



“Fuel Farm Ready ‘Later this Year’, ‘spicy letters pages’, ‘Shipping is Not Easy’ and more in this week’s St Helena Independent”


“Lisa Phillips New Governor for St Helena -No Surprise”;” Bradley’s Camp Recommended for Development” and much more


“In this week’s St Helena Independent -Former Police Chief Coll Defends Himself; Long Discussions About Former Bradley’s Camp; Matthew Sparks a Debate and much more”


“Happy New Year – In this week’s St Helena Independent you have the pictures from Christmas and all the news and speculations on the new year”


“Massive, 64 page Christmas Edition – For your holiday pleasure”


“Special coverage of the Sasha Wass Inquiry Report findings and much more in this week’s St Helena Independent”


“Second Calibration Flight Planned; SHG to Change; Steeple or no Steeple?; Rovers Took the Cup on Presentation Day and much more in today’s St Helena Independent”


“Would the NP Glory 4 be a Better Solution for St Helena?; Woman of the Year – Linda ‘Darlings’ Young; Statement from Comair and more in this week’s St Helena Independent”


“This issue of the St Helena Independent needs no introduction – Just read it….”


“Airport Delayed -No Shipping Contract – St Helena More Isolated Than Ever?; Abhorrent reporting; Development Plans for St Helena; and more”


“MFV Amalia – Welcome To Your New Home; Planning Application Granted for Church Steeple; Councillor Found Guilty of One Indecent Picture of a Child; Will We Ever Get a Shipping Service?” and much more……


“St Helena -London Flight From £1,299 Return-Ticket Sales Start on Monday; St Helena in Lonely Planet’s Top List For 2016; Letters and Vies-All in this week’s St Helena Independent”


“Some of the headlines this week: A Week of Events, Museum Plans Discussed, Flights to Ascension and The Extractor in the Limelight AGAIN”



“Interesting Newcomer to St Helena?; Rockfall in Jamestown – A Close Call; Napoleonic Photo Walk; letters, views and much more in this week’s St Helena Independent”


“Well, ‘Bout time we had a new Guv’nor; Ascension-What About Us?; There is an International Day for Everything; World Tourism Day and much more in this week’s St Helena Independent”


“Experienced Fishing Crew Leaving For Cape Town-Bringing Back Newcomer To Our Fishing Fleet – MFV Amalia; Saint in the Spotlight; Samoa Team Back Home; Interesting – Ascension Island Solicitor Sworn In As Acting Attorney General and much more…..”


“A Historic Landing to Remember; Councillor Baldwin Gets 100 Hours Community Service; Major Facelift for the Consulate Hotel Approved; and much more in today’s St Helena Independent”


Cannabis and Road Safety Debate Continue; Island Getting Ready for Calibration Flights; Re-Lining of Reservoirs and much more in today’s St Helena Independent


“Saints for Change”; “If you are caught, to make our roads safer we want you off the wheel and behind bars of steel.”; More about Coffee; and much more in this week’s St Helena Independent.


“Controversial Car Accident Picture; ‘No credible evidence’ as whistle-blowers are cleared again; St Helena Coffee in Harrods; and much more in this week’s St Helena Independent”


“Main Street Hotel Plans Approved; The Sasha Wass Inquiry in the Limelight Again; All The Way to Samoa: and much more in this week’s St Helena Independent”


“£7 million project finished – Cannabis and closure of Sandy Bay Shop still in the letters pages – and much more in this week’s St Helena Independent”


“Economic Development: A golden opportunity?; Crash, Boom, Bang; The Schools are Celebrating; A True Saint; Letters; and much more in this issue of the St Helena Independent”


“Lights On For Progress.. …With The Support Of The People; Darkdale Project – Leaks and Updates; RMS in Dry-Dock – Finally; Sad News from Atlantic Star Airlines; SAINT STUDENT GRADUATES IN UK – Sasha Bargo; and much more in this week’s St Helena Independent”


The Development of Rupert’s Valley and Land Disposal; Rescue Boats Named and Blessed; ‘Golden Oak’ Arriving Next Week and much more in today’s St Helena Independent


“Last Runway Concrete Laid; Controversial Logo; Question Time With Barry Hubbard; Look at A Modern RMS St Helena and much more in this week’s St Helena Independent”


“PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE: INVESTOR PROSPECTUS LAUNCH, OIL REMOVAL FROM DARKDALE, Statement from Saint FM Community Radio, New Executive Council and much more in this week’s St Helena Independent”


“Late Mr Mervyn Crowie, Exhumed by Police; Councillor Arrested; Investor Prospectus; and much more in today’s St Helena Independent.”


“The Darkdale Project; Hotel in Jamestown further delayed; The ‘Flying Dutchman; Letter from the Falklands, and much more, only in today’s St Helena Independent”


“Statement from the Saint FM CC Chair, Julie Thomas; French Navy Visit; Gravity Rush; and much more in this week’s Independent


“Jamestown Hotel – Not Quite Ready for Take-off.. Maybe Not Bertrand’s Cottage Either; French Navy Ship ‘Albatross’ to Visit; and much more in today’s St Helena Independent”


“This week’s St Helena Independent does not need any introduction – Here is the news from the Island – Clear as it can be”


“The Plato Family’s Ordeal; Letter about the Police; Les’ Radio Marathon; and much more in this week’s issue of the St Helena Independent”


“Massive issue with pictures from St Helena’s birthday, Air Access Statement plus all other news and view from the week”


“All you need to know- this week’s St Helena Independent”


“Argos Out of Cold Store and Selling Fishing Boat, Will the Steeple Topple?Another Letter from America and much more”


“Governor’s Wife and the ‘Secret Daughter’ of Saint in Adoption Battle, UK Hospital Agrees to Operate on Severely Disabled Saint Girl – But Only after Judge Denounces Three Others that Refused, Blue Lantern Comes to Light, ExCo Report – Hello and Goodbye, and much more.”


Another packed issue of the St Helena Independent – “She Should Never Stand Under Those Trees Again” – Were there black prisoners in the Boer camps of St Helena? – and much more.


Silver treasure from the SS City of Cairo; Oil pumping from the RFA Darkdale; Guns being restored and much more.


This week – Racism – Atlantic Star still there for air service – Statement from Mantis – Cruise Ships Galore – Saint Overseas – and much more


MSC Opera Visit – Not Bad at All; Announcements in the Garden; Legislative Council at a Glance, and much more in this week’s Independent


“St Helena and Saint FM on BBC – Still in the Air – More About Access – and much more in another jam-packed issue of the St Helena Independent”


“Abuse Lawyer Pledges to Stand Up to Power- Flights to Europe and Cape Town ‘still up in the air’ – The Cold Chain – Plenty of Letters, and more”


“See the latest pictures from the airport development; Where do we re-bury the slaves; Medical Evacuation and much more in this week’s Independent”


Election Results; Launch of Napoleonic Logo; Mystery Prosecutor; Q&A by outgoing Tourism Executive and much more. Read all about it in this week’s St Helena Independent


“Jubes-Julian Cairns-Wicks passed away; Candidates for bye-election; ATM’s and maybe the re-introduction of Pound Sterling on the books and much, much more in today’s St Helena Independent”


“Your best read from the South Atlantic – Are SHELCO still in the game? Who are running for Bye-Election and Fibre Optic Cable is far away”


“Here is another good read from the South Atlantic with all the latest news and views”


An absolutely packed issue of the St Helena Independent this week. 42 pages of all you need to know for this week about St Helena. The latest from the Court and House of Parliament in England; Education Director Leaving; and, as usual, many letters. It is a ‘must read’.


“A smashing issue of the St Helena Independent. All the latest about the water situation and with pages of readers’ letters. Don’t miss out on your weekly news from St Helena” Mike – Editor


This is the weekly ration of news from St Helena. As usual, filled with talking points and views.


No Water – Again. All the latest stories and view from the South Atlantic – Je suis Charlie


Here you have the latest news from St helena for the first time this year.


Legendary Skipper Passes Away – His last letter published; Christmas greetings galore and all the latest from St Helena


Interesting letters – fishing – Supreme Court – and all the other news stories from the week


Ascension Island waking up; Legalise Cannabis? and all the best from St Helena. Only in the St Helena Independent.


“Andrew Weir is no more; More news about shipping; whistle-blowers; letters and other stories from the South Atlantic”


“All about the enquiry into St Helena; The latest news and views from the South Atlantic”


“A Day to remember”, “A night of remembrance”, other events. All the latest news and views from the South Atlantic


An Idiot’s Guide to Fishing, Selling St Helena and many more stories of the week.


Again, a well filled edition of the St Helena Independent. It includes many discussion point and also covering the main event of the week. Enjoy the reading.


“St Helena prepared for Ebola, but not for a broken leg; RMS 25 year celebrations, and all the week’s news and views in today’s St Helena Independent”


Are the church and the state compatible? – hotel building – tuberculosis on the Island and much more – Only in today's St Helena Independent


This Week – 40 pages with information and news. Big events in St Helena this week. Interesting letters and plenty of other reading


A huge, jam-packed issue, for your reading pleasure. All from planning decisions to sea rescue.


Is 1, 2 & 3 a good site for a hotel. Much about fishing and marine life. All the news and view in today's Independent.


PWD Stores for Heritage; more about solar farm and all other news and views from St Helena this week


Here we are again.. Solar Farm for St Helena, Slavery in the South Atlantic, and much more. It is all in the Independent. Click on the link to view, happy reading


Dry Gut filled, New boat in the harbour, Feature about conservation, and much more in this week's Independent.


The latest news In this week's issue: The Sundale Scandal, Finally Extinct, No Loitering, Interesting letters and much more news and views from the South

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